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Golden Sun Help

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i was playing "golden sun" on visualboy version 172 and i just beat the game, so now i want to play "golden sun 2" and when i load the game, it starts up and asks me if i would like to take the save data from "golden sun" that i just beat. i was just wondering, is there a way to make this work on visualboy?
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i believe the password system works fine also.. but VBALink would be the way to go.
lol i dont know much about these emulators. how would i load the save data from golden sun 1 do i go into the tools and load it from 1 of those options in there..

and what are you referring to when u said the "password system"
Itachi said:
and what are you referring to when u said the "password system"
This is another way for transferring data from Golden Sun 1 to 2. When you load up Golden Sun 1 press and hold L + R before hitting start and there will be a new option "Send" available there obtain whichever password you want (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). And type it into Golden Sun 2.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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