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Yes, an OEM HP likely had some sort of onboard video, unless you upgraded it yourself.

By the way, that 2.5GHz Athlon X2 is about equal to a 2GHz-2.2GHz Core 2 (Conroe) in PCSX2, which itself is a few hundred MHz slower clock for clock than the Wolfdale you had before. This comparison is very rough and going on what I've heard from the Althlon X2 in comparison to the Core 2, and is a comparison in performance in PCSX2, not in general. This means that Athlon X2, if "translated" to the GHz of that Core 2, is about 2GHz or less, so you're definitely looking at half or less than half the same power (~2GHz versus 4.3GHz). Going by that, you should be getting about half the speed you were before, maybe a little more or maybe a little less.

It's one of the two, or a combination of the both.

Edit: I see you replied and it has a decent enough dedicated GPU. See my second alternative then.
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