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Godamnit ff9...

1271 Views 8 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  Cloud_19 problem is that ff9 freezes everynow and then. The sound repeats and the screen freezes, sometimes it goes back to normal after 10 secs - but it freezes again later(here comes the reboot button...) VERY friggin annoying.
Im also using a patched PAL iso, and am using petes plugins for everything (d3d)

Heres my specs.
Althon 700
128 sdram
geforce ddr

I need HELPP!
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Close all background programs to avoid conflicts, download the latest plugins, latest drivers, etc. Making an ISO of the game may help a bit.
i said i used a patched PAL iso, and everything is perfect when running ff9 - but it still freezes
Isn't a geforce an NVidia card that supports OpenGL. I've found using pete's OpenGL video adapter a more effective solution to most playing my games.

If speed is of concern. You could try Aldo's tools. I believe he has one where you can increase the priority to realtime. A ram defragmenter isn't such a bad idea either (ie. freemempro).

Reduce conflicts with other running programs by eliminating all running programs w/ the exception of explorer.exe. (ie.start pro)

Hope this helps
Make sure you aren't overclocking your vid card too high if you are ocing it. Also check to see if you're using the latest nvidia drivers, and the same for your sblive. If the problem still persists, try lowering the acceleration level on your soundcard (multimedia->audio->soundplayback[advanced]->performance->hardware acceleration). I'd also recommend trying Pete's Opengl plug-in since that is usually the best for an nvidia card plus you get the nice real subtractive blending mode!

As for dock ... you may wish to research your terminology a bit more.
everytime i start ff9 i close all progs except for explorer, but it still freezes every now and then. Ive oced my geforce just right, it doesnt freeze in other games but only epsxe.

Oh and another thing ive noticed is that after a fmv or some battlesthe fps drops by 50-60%. Wonder why that is....
Do you have fsaa enabled and framebuffer textures set to graphics card buffer? If so, try disabling fsaa or setting the framebuffer textures to black/emulated vram. In some games I have had small pausing problems with fsaa and graphics card buffer combination.
No i dont have fsaa on, ...hmmm putting the framebuffer on the 1st setting damn!
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