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beta 28.05.05 or better
conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from padSSSPSX 1.6
REC OK, black screen with VUREC

That :cuss2: programmers didn't translate the japanese signposts in that game :hdbash:
You can enable internal debug displays, pretty useless for PCSX2 though.
Also you can manipulate the speed of the game, so you can easily run around even with 1-2 fps.

Patches used:
gametitle=Godai - Elemental Force D/F [SLES50704] (E)
comment= patches by Nachbrenner
//Skip Videos

and some cheats to be used with Phaste:

Hyper Mode (default=3f800000)
202f9154 ????????
Display Framerate
202f33fc 00000001
Display Location
202f3408 00000001
Freeze Enemies:
(Press L3)
D1015A52 0000FFFD
202f3b60 00000001
(Press R3)
D1015A52 0000FFFB
202f3b60 00000000

Status Playable
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