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SimonW what processor do you have? if its not a P4 or Athlon 64 then i suggest changing your GS plugin as its likely your CPU doesnt support SSE2.

if you have got one, i suggest you wait, or try it with the recompiler off.

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SimonW said:
it actually loads up so far on japanese v1.00 bios (to the Playstation 2 splash logo)

then you can wait a long while for nothing.
I seem to be getting mixed results on G.O.W not getting as far as a splash screen but something is happening.

Started with just default emu package and the game would crash instantly.
Then upgraded to GSdx9 and all i get is errors loading plugin.
Then tested GSsoft Plugin 8 and it gets a bit further but dies on FC 18
So then i decided to change cd/dvd plugin to now it gets up to about FC 140+ and then crashes!
So far this lot has been tested on an EU bios version. (Europe v01.60(04/10/2001) console) <-- May not be new enough???
Not able to find alternative bios's just yet to test with but will do when i find some :p
The machine i am testing it on has some crap specs like 32mb graphics card but thats only because im testing it at work :)
Just wondered if the emu would work on this spec
AMD athlon xp 2700+
512 unbranded 330 ram
gigabyte,nvidia2 mobo ??
32mb nivida card
My proper testing machine is
AMD 63 3200+
1gig crucial (not sure on speed)
Radeon 9800xt
Hopefully it will run on my proper machines spec but just wondered if im wasting my time testing on the other machine??

Damn thats a long first post :)

I know its still early days in geting emu to work fully but any suggestions on getting this game to work? or any other for that matter :p


EDIT: Just found jap, usa and uk bios all still do the same emu dies after between 45 - 145 FC. i was getting this result on proper machine earlier today before starting work :( Dont think G.O.W will work at all just yet :(
Just tested Shadows Of Rome and im getting something its complaining about memory card :) there is some hope then :) but the pic is of screen so i cant see what its saying lol

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nahteecirp said:
1.No game runs well, if at all. Don't expect any to.
2.Don't download BIOS. It is illegal and not supported here.
1. Not expecting to work fully just wondered if anyone had similar issues?
2. I thought asking for bios was not allowed ? Not mentioning what one im using and the original one was my own so nothing illegal there :)

Not quite the reply i was hoping for but hey never mind fredom of speech and all that :)
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