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.gme help plz

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hey i download a saved game for Yugioh forbidden memories and its yugioh.gme but what i was wondering is how would i load tht saved game so i could play on it ?

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You don't need to bump your thread after only a few minutes. If someone can help they will reply as soon as they see it.

Anyway this is how you get your .gme save to a .mcr format for use in epsxe.

First thing you need the MemcardRex program. Just google it for download or it might be available in the downloads here I am not sure.

Once you have that program use it and go to file -> open and open up your .gme save. Then go back to file and save as then save it as a .mcr format.

That creates a new memory card with your save on it. It can then be used by ePSXe.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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