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Some minutes ago, a new version of this Gameboy Advance emulator, labeled <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Girlfriend Advance</a>, got uploaded by it's author karma. Though this emulator is still in early stages (it's running many demos), its development is very interresting as it's completly written in Java, basicly allowing you to run it on any OS which can use Java. Anyway, let's take a look at the changes for v0.04 :<ul><li> Memory fixed (but still buggy)
<li>dma0, dma1, dma2, dma3 fixed
<li>some cpu flags bug fixed (thanks to eloist)
<li>some other cpu fixes (thanks to deadbody)
<li>a BIG part of the source code reorganized and commented (easier to read)
<li>graphical engine to totally rewritten (it was a long work)
<li>added input control by keyboard in applet execution mode
<li>the display bug into some IE browser fixed (at least, I hope)</ul>Sounds like some nice changes, we'll certainly have to keep an eye on that one. You can take a look at the latest version by following <a href="">this link</a>. If you want to read more about it, check out the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official homepage</a>, just pay attention as the news posts are sorted from top to bottom (you can find this news item all down).
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