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GHWT - mix of game and hardware problems...

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I bought Guitar Hero World Tour for pc and wanted to use my Wii's les paul controller. But apparently bluetooth prevents GHWT from running, and when it is running, prevents the guitar to connect to bluetooth or sometimes closes the game when it does connect... Does anyone know a fix or workaround or something so that I can play GHWT with my Wii's guitar?
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IMO, playing a real guitar gives you more satisfaction, because YOU are the one producing the sound with your guitar. GH is just stuff being played every time you push the right buttons. It's just not the same. Though, GH is just that, a game.

I've read about a lot of problems with bluetooth, like this one. Maybe someone can help you at sometime, but if you want a quick and sure way, you'll have to buy another plastic guitar, this time one that uses USB.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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