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Anyone had a look at it yet? I just more or less by accident found out it was already released.

Download details: Games for Windows - LIVE 2.0 Setup

I sure hope some other countries have other offerings than us Dutchies, who have just 2 demos and 2 videos listed (quantum of solace, kane & lynch demos and 2 videos of the first gears) and absolutely nothing else yet (then again, I recall MS saying they would launch this stuff in the US first).
The installer was even sneaky here, installing the marketplace client only in the start menu, and not making it accessible from the in-game client. Kind of like MS is telling us "yes, we made that, but we don't really want to show it yet".
I'd had hoped this client would've had chat functionality, but it hasn't. Then again, when not in a game, I guess I'm supposed to just use normal MSN.

Screenie attached.
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