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gforce2 and win2k

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I've got win2k professional installed with sp2 but for some reason my gforce2 agp card keeps getting installed as a pci card instead of agp one...... anyone know how to fix this?
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That's normal on W2K (any version).

In fact W2K consider AGP bus as an extension of PCI. So don't blame your drivers. The most inportant is that your HW is able to reach the manufacturer specs (normaly higher under W2K than Win98/WinMe).
>>That's normal on W2K (any version).
is it true???
i just upgraded to Win2K Pro and have this prob too and when i check the directx setup , agp texture acceleration is disabled
Ho, Ho....

what version of DirectX you installed? Which version of Detonator drivers you got? How you installed the drivers (manualy or automatic) ? Do you have Hardware DirectDraw / Direct3D opperationnal?

And finaly..... Do you run Netmeeting in background or any 3rd party software who can keep your HW D3D + AGP open?
directx 7 & 8 return the same result
det 12.60 installed manually
hardware d3d/dd working (both directx)
no netmeeting
I have never had this problem.. ever.. I have installed Win2k pro on hundreds of diffrent computers, with both agp and pci video cards.... and have never had this problem.. microsoft has mentionof this on thier help database, but only in a few rare cases...
i don't know
now i'm trying to install sp2 but micro$oft's server is down(i think) coz i've been tring several days to dl it but still can't
if anyone of you have the file,message me please
I was never able to get the SP to download properly.. i finally downloaded thier multi-os version of SP2.. be warned though, its 110 megs..
It's not 'multi-OS', it's a full install meant mostly for networks. It's cumulative, includes both SP1 and SP2 updates, hence it's larger size...
i got win2k to install as agp......took me a while but finally got it
Originally posted by Gam3rX
i don't know
now i'm trying to install sp2 but micro$oft's server is down(i think) coz i've been tring several days to dl it but still can't
if anyone of you have the file,message me please
its ok guys..i have it now
hmmm...lets see whats the result
it's still not working did you do it
tell me please
first i downloaded the 12.41 drivers
then i add/remove program and uninstalled the nvidia display drivers
then i restarted my comp
then i right clicked desktop and when proporties, and when i went to settings in display propertyes win2k detected a display device, then i just pointed out to where i unzipped the drivers, then i installed them
then i restarted and i checked dxdiag to see if agp textureing was availible and it was (also i checked sisoft sandra's opengl settings and it sayed gforce2mx/agp where as b4 it sayed gforce2mx/pci)

Note=i also got the 12.40's to work under agp doin this, altho it did take a couple tries....
When i said muti-os, i was refering to the diffrent versions of Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 professional, server, advanced server, datacenter server, and workstation edition...

That being the case then dan the express installion is also Multi-OS then as it will also install on all versions of the win2K family. The difference between express and full is that full downloads everything, whereas exporess detects the version of Win 2k you have and only downloads the relevant files.

Ok. the express installation is not multi-os, because you can only download it for one specific computer, or if you have an array of computers that are configured exactly the same, then you could use it....

The only way that you could use the SP on more than one OS is to download the large file? C?

so express = one computer, single OS
full = All 2000 OS's

yay....:D :D :D
got it working
installing det12.41 doesn't do anything other than fully compatible with directx 8.0
what i do is ,as i'm using Asus P3V133 mobo that had a VIA chipset,i decided to install VIA 4-in-1 driver and guess what ...agp acceleration is enabled now...

thanks to everyone helping
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