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It all depends on the games.. Older games will run about the same and sometimes even faster on the Geforce2 Ultra than on the Geforce 3.. But in the future, more games will start using the advanced features of the geforce3.. Then the geforce 2 ultra will start to falter next to the geforce3.. I remember seeing a benchmark of Aquamark being run on a geforce 2 ultra... It ran about 5 to 10 fps.. But on the geforce 3, a cool 25 to 30 fps.. Huge difference.. In a game like quake 3.. the geforce 2 ultra actually beats out the geforce 3 in lower resolutions.. But at higher resolutions, the geforce 3 starts to come out on top.. Not by much though..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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