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I have been reading up on ASM Hacking, and figured out something. If you wanna know how a game works, like a SNES game such as Mario Kart, why not just log all the commands send to the separate chips on the motherboard?

It's just speculation, but I think it's an effective way for aspiring game makers to program games.

Does anyone else agree? I mean, it can be done, but there is alot that would need to be done. In order to actually make the game, you have to compress graphics into the file, not just the code. As well, you need to write the script for it, and then theres the whole idea of coding and programming the game.

Anyway, back on topic, I think emulators should include this function, logging all commands to the CPU and the rest of the motherboard. I mean, the creators of the emulator already know the commands that go through the chips, so why not just log them?

In my theory, the ROM sends out commands, because it has no idea it's not on a Cart/CD. The Emulators function is to Emulate (Hence the word Emulator) the system, and that includes interpreting the signals the ROM sends out. So why not just log the signals and the data within them, and send them to a text file or something?

Anyway, not to babble, but I think it's a good idea, especially for people who are trying to learn about ASM. Anyone agree?
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