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'Allo, there. Sorry to make a new thread as soon as I join the forums; I know that's bad forum form, but I feel pretty desperately stupid and it looks like no one's had as basic a problem as I have: I can't even start the first game.

I've never used a PS emulator, before, so I don't know what filetypes I'm supposed to use. Not to mention Chrono Cross is already a 2-disc game, which is apparently something that's gonna be a problem when I get there. -_-;

Aaaaanyway. I can't even get the bloody thing started. I went through the trouble of setting the emulator up, and I think I got all the files I need. . . I've got:

CD 1
.ccd (1kb)
.sub (29,363kb)
.img (719,386kb)
.bin (724,412kb)
.cue (1kb)

Does that all sound about right? Okay. Now, what on Earth do I do with it?

Sorry if I left something or put in too much. I didn't know what would be relevant.

EDIT: A friend helped me out. He told me to use pSX, which worked out much simpler than this one. I feel annoyed that I didn't figure this one out, but as long as the end result is the same, I suppose it's all fine. Thank you, regardless.
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