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Does anyone have any info on what kind of system Windows 7 would run best on?
A fifty zillion superultragigahertz core infinity infinity.

Tho I'm told the 51-zillion superultragigahertz core infinity infinity may perform slightly faster.

Silly response aside, it's already been said that Win7 will run relatively well on mediocre hardware. It has been known, for well over a year, that Microsoft intends to set the minimum and recommended specs for Win7 to the same as Vista. The code has been tightened up and there have been reports that the OS is generally faster.

Now mind you, "faster" is relative, and different hardware/software combinations may not all yield big improvements. The general consensus with Win7 seems to be "if Vista ran slow for you, Win7 may run better. If Vista was already running fast for you, Win7 won't seem much better." The system in your sig falls firmly into the latter segment.

I don't think Win7 will give new life to all those P3-500's out there. They are trying to tweak it to be usable on your average netbook, but what an "average" netbook is when Win7 goes final may be considerably different than what is available now.
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