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Has anyone tried Ogre Battle with AdriPSX? I seem to have no luck getting Ogre Battle to work with any emu, it won't load in AdriPSX for me. Thanks to anyone who can help. Bye.

My sys:

Windows ME
SB Live
384 ram

Pete's openg or soft plugin 1.52
Iori's sound latest
pete's cdrom latest

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Actually, AdriPSX is supporting an INI file, that has data for automatically set "EXTRA CD-ROM" as well as activate/deactivate "CPU OPTIONS" in order to make some "disturbing" games without needing to change configuration.

So, if you know about games that needs some "special config", you can also mail me that about them.

I'll just need game code (the name of game's main file, something like scus1234.13 or slps5432.98) and the changes needed for that game (activate EXTRA CDROM, disable HLE, etc...)

Anyway, thanks a lot.

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We managed to get Ogre Battle working with AdriPSX...

Disable hunger mode in CPU

Disable "Extra Decoder" in CD-Rom plugin config

Disable second controller in controllers

Boot the game as normal...There is a glitch that haunts all plugin using PSX emulators in this game...
See this topic to figure out the fix
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