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German man pays dearly to spend a penny

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German man pays dearly to spend a penny

Berlin - Visiting the toilet can be a costly business, as a man in Germany discovered when he stopped to relieve himself and forgot €30 000 (about R248 000) he was taking to the bank for his bosses, authorities said on Monday.

Police said the 29-year-old took five minutes to realise he he had left the envelope containing the cash inside a plastic bag on the floor of the public toilet. But when he returned, the bag was gone.

"He wasn't insured and it looks like he will be liable," said a police spokesperson in the town of Aschaffenburg, south-east of Frankfurt.

"We're always a bit suspicious when we hear these kinds of stories but this one appears to be genuine."
What a dumbass
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what a dude.... he had to put that bag on his head, than everything could be ok :lol:
Putting that much of money on the FLOOR?
That money deserved to be stolen.
What a dumb guy. Walking with 30,000 Euros in a plastic bag and then putting it on the floor.

This much money should be deep inside his pants :p
/me waiting to enter after him and finding 30000 euros. ^^
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