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Gens/GS is a version of Gens maintained by GerbilSoft. The main goal of Gens/GS is to clean up the source code and combine features from various forks of Gens.

Release 7 introduces the following new features:
  • Mega Drive Plugins v1.0.0. This major update to the plugins system adds support for external plugins (.dll on Windows, .so on Linux), as well as support for more than just rendering plugins.
  • doc/mdp/ contains the MDP Interface Specifiction Version 1.0.0. This document is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.
  • A new manual for Gens/GS has been created. It is available in doc/manual/.
  • The Game Genie functionality has been moved to an MDP plugin. It now supports 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit patch codes, and uses a new patch code file format. Old patch code files are supported for loading; however, they will be written in the new format when saved. Later versions will add support for patching CPU address spaces other than the main MC68000.
  • New MDP Plugin: VDP Layer Options. This lets you adjust the visible layers on screen, so e.g. you can hide sprites, swap scroll priorities, and lock the palette to prevent color changes.
  • New MDP Plugin: Sonic Gens. This lets you view various information in memory in several Sonic games. Sonic Gens was originally written by LOst as a standalone version of Gens.
  • New renderers:
    • EPX (ported from Gens Rerecording)
    • EPX Plus (ported from Gens Rerecording)
    • Super 2xSaI (ported from Gens Plus)
    • Super Eagle (ported from Gens Plus)
    • Blargg's NTSC filter for MD
  • [Win32] Ported the GDI video backend from Gens Plus. It still has a few bugs, but it mostly works.
  • Extended controller configuration format. The new configuration format allows for up to 128 axes, 256 buttons, and 64 POV hats, whereas the old configuration format only allowed for 6 axes [5 axes on Win32], 112 buttons, and 4 POV hats. This mainly affects the Linux version, since Linux usually reports all axes as axes instead of mapping some axes to POV hats, and some newer controllers (e.g. the Xbox 360 controller) have more than 6 axes. Older configurations are automatically updated to use the new controller configuration format.
  • The reverse-engineered 32X firmware, written by DevSter, is now included in Gens/GS. If you do not have the original Sega 32X firmware files, the reverse-engineered ones are used instead.
  • Added SH2 DMA support for PWM audio. Thanks to Joseph Fenton for submitting a patch.
  • [Win32] Joysticks connected after loading Gens/GS will now be detected in the Controller Configuration dialog.
  • WAV dumping has been reimplemented...........
more info and changelog in Gens/GS - Sonic Retro
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