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It's bug-free with my favorite game so far. :D :D :D

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What's new in Gens 1.30 :


* Added the possibility to choose a perfect synchronisation emulation mode.
This means that main CPU and sub CPU execute instruction by instruction then emulation is more accurate but a lot slower.
This option is desactivated by default, you can enable it when you're playing a Sega CD game but it's highly recommend to use it only if the game doesn't work in normal emulation mode and if your CPU is fast (>= 500 Mhz).
* Fixed a (stupid) bug in the GFX rotation/scaling engine.
* Fixed Word RAM decoded format (dot GFX conversion).
* Added CELL GFX conversion.
* CDC -> PCM RAM DMA fixed.
* CDD and CDC emulation improved.
* Fixed the memory control register (not yet perfect).
* Fixed a bug in the "Font Data" calculation.
* Fixed a bug with PCM sound.
* Fixed severals bugs in the MP3 decoder and streaming code.
* Some others minors bugs fixed...


* YM2612 emulator upgraded to the last version, FM sound is a bit better.
* CGOffline support added.


* All specials renders modes (Scanlines, 2xSAI ...) are now as fast in windowed mode than in fullscreen mode.
* Better sound volume adjustement between all differents sound chips.
* VSync added for windowed mode.
* Can save or load custom named states.
* States are described EMPTY or OCCUPIED.
* Others minors changes...

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says here I need a bios to activate the sega CD option...

....i guess that bios is illegal to own without a console as well, ne? not that it matters, though....I don't have a sega CD game anyway :D :D :D

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Ok.. I got it and tested all of my sega cd games.. Here is what I have found so far..

Sonic CD (US and Jap) -perfect
FFight cd -perfect
LUnar 1 and 2 practically perfect (no more messed up text in EB)
Chuck rock cd 1 and 2 -perfect
Ecco 1 and 2 cd -perfect
Snatcher -almost perfect
Soulstar -perfect (check stefs compatibility list on how to make it work)
BC racers -Nearly perfect (little graphic glitches)
Barri Arm -perfect (Aka Android Assault)
Earthworm Jim special ed -perfect
Lethal Enforcers 2 -perfect
Silpheed -Fully playable (check stefs compatibility list on how to make it work)
Popful Mail -nearly perfect(check stefs """)
Samurai Showdown -perfect
Mortal Kombat (E) -messed up backgrounds but playable..

All in all.. Its a great version.. Sega Cd emulation is certainly approaching greatness.. Thanks go to stef for the best SEga cd and genesis emulator.. :) Only thing left now is Saturn emulation.. That would make this a perfect world.. :)
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