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Emulation is always dificult. But in the PS2 case is much more dificult than is looks like.

First, is not a simpler system than a PC. The PS2 is a 128bits system (really 64bits/32bits), is not like a PC (32bits). It has multiple processors for each job, SPU2 for sound, GS for graphics, etc.

By the other side, emulation is not a port. To emulate a PS2 game (or anything) you have to emulate how the PS2 manage the instructions. So, a simple instrucction that the PS2 does it in a cycle, the emu needs more (don't know how many, but more for sure).

And, the emu has one more job to do, to syncronice all the parts with timings.

If you ask this because the PS2 is 300MHz and actual PCs are 3.X GHz, I'll tell you that the Hz are not the real speed of a processor. Ex: A 3.0GHz is not as fast as 2 1.5Ghz.

PD: Some devs sure will tell you more info about this.
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