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stuntcock said:
To paraphrase Roosevelt: x86 may be a son of a bi+ch, but it's our son of a bi+ch.

Better designs have come out, but they run into a chicken-and-egg problem:
-no one will write/rewrite software for the new chip until it has a reasonable market share
-no one will buy the chip until it is supported by a reasonable amount of software

Read up on the history of the DEC Alpha for more information.
Well said stuntcock... developers actually hate the PS2 architecture, but there is such a wide user base that they had to suck it up, and deal with it..hehe

It took a while for developers to get over the simple CPU to GPU with cache RAM formula (looky HERE). Its what they know...but the market is evolving. PS3 and Xbox360 are examples of that evolution with multiprocessors...but x86 is still dominant.

i read about how the ps2 offers smaller caches in more locations on the board than the pc does, but how does that differ from the pc model where there is ram on each card? are not the cards simply taking the place of things like the graphics synth and audio synth on the ps2? is simply the pipelines that make the data transfer more efficient on the ps2? how is caching on the ps2 different from the RAM caching on a pc?
Again...its a difference in the architecture. A PC will cache into RAM to keep a steady flow of instructions going through a pipe because only a single CPU is handling the instruction set.

The PS2 is designed to task out it has huge bandwidth. It is more then just graphics and audio. For example the VU's are calculation engines that perform vector and matrix operations (Explanation) If the bandwidth of a PC could be considered a copper wire, then on PS2 it is a hulking cable. This explains the small 4MB of RAM....not much caching going on when rawdata instructions are handled by multiple processors.

On a humorous side note.....
After reading refraction's answer...we imagined a n00b's head expoding from the sheer amount of intellect being thrown there. If ever there was a way to curb a newcomers thinking of how easy PS2 emulation should be...then that was it :lol:
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