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Well, there are many diferents geforces:

Geforce2MX: Very cheap and powerfull, don't buy it if you want to play games at more than 1024x768 or 800x600 2xFSAA.

Geforce2GTS: Here in Spain, remains a few of this cards. More powerfull than MX since it uses DDR memory.

Geforce2Pro: More common than GTS. An advanced GF2 with 64MB and better clock and memory speed.

Geforce2Ultra: The best GF2. Since the Geforce 3 is in the market, it is a little more cheap, but it is still very expensive for most people.

I think the best quality/prize cards are from Leadtek ( or elsa (

Sorry for my english, I hope this will help you.

Elsa cards are excellent. I have an Elsa Gladiac GEForce 2 GTS 32 mb card. I bought it when it first came out last year. I've been updating the drivers regularly and it still performs flawlessly. I would reccomend Elsa cards to anyone.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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