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Geforce 7800

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Another blockbuster?

Yay 6800 will get even cheaper :D
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6800 is pretty cheap, i bought it for 300 six months ago, now it is sub 200.
I am waiting for the 6800Us to hit the sub $300 level I give it a month or two.
I'll wait till it gets to the geforce 2 mx level...heh my 9700pro is still good enough for me, I'll just dream of sli and whatnot. I'm just glad a have a decent computer that's been nice to me.
I hope ATI can keep up, few people know just how much we have them to thank for the extremly fast evolution in graphics technology. No not because they make better products but because when they started to take market shares darn fast with there 9800's and 9600's pro's and xt's Nvidia decided to use that massive coffin ( they had been sitting on from the close to monopoly they had on the graphic card market ) for research. That's why we see such a massive improvements now.
agreed, we always need a second company, love them or hate them. I personally go with what I feel is better at the time, I'm not going to fanboy anything. Just imagine how good windows could be if mac took over (I think they will with the x86 version they maybe making).
I just bought my 6200, and im pretty happy with it.
Only thinking of changing it next year...
with the coming of the next gen im hoping that soon the x800xl and 6800gts will hit round $250 CAD soon >_<
I should probably pawn off my 9800 Pro while I still can. Although I really don't need to... I kinda want an Nvidia card.:p Meh.. I'll probably just keep what I have. I'll wait until I get a PCI Express motherboard before I get a new graphics card. Otherwise I'll just be holding myself back in the future.

NVIDIA's new card, the 7800 GTX, is not only faster than the 6800 Ultra, but also requires 50% less power from your PSU. The card has more than 300 million transistors, which is ridiculous and makes it the most advanced Graphics processing unit (GPU) to come from NVIDIA so far. In some gaming benchmarks, the new 7800 GTX showed up to 2.3x the performance of a DUAL-slot SLI Based GeForce 6800 Ultra system. The 7800 only requires a single slot.

The card uses the new MS DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 engine and the new 128-bit floating core point which is supposed to provide film-quality vidual effects, such as high dynamic range (HDR) lighting and real-time frame rates.

For HDTV fans, the new GeForce 7800 GTX is capable of 1080p HD output and supports both 3:2 and 2:2 pull down and advanced scaling and de-interlacing capabilities, so you can output HD to either a computer monitor or your television.
One card that can beat out TWO of the current top of the line cards, and use less power to do it...that's pretty impressive....
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