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"THE GEFORCE 6200TC will end up as quite a fast card, of course for its category. This card will end up at $79 and will have a 64 bit memory bus and a total of 32MB of RAM.

At these specs it will be able to score 2300 in 3Dmark05 - just a little slower score than the $99 X300 card which should perform at 2500+ 3Dmark05. Its real competitor, the X300SE, scores much slower in the 1800+ areea.

If you are wondering about the screenshot, this card actually dynamically addresses at least half of your system's memory. In this case, the card shows up that is has 256MB of memory even it has only 32MB of physical RAM on its PCB.

These cards will come in January and will definitely make ATI run for its money. ATI actually has an answer and it's called Hypermemory. It will be a very similar marchitecture and ATI will also have 32MB cards that will act as they have up to 256 MBs.

You can see some details about the card here."
Source? of course :p

Anyway seems like too much for so little, and that it scores that much for being so a low card on 3dmark makes me concern if it will score well on games performance, i mean my underclocked 9500pro card scores only 1600points on 3dmark05 but it sure runs pretty well the newest games even on hig details, now i want to see some reviews about that card on real games performance, should be interesting to see how reliable is 3dmark05 comparing to new games
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