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GeForce 2 vs ePSXe

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I've bought a GeForce 2 MX 400 64Mb for my k6-2 550mhz 80sdram fic va 503+ motherboard. The system became very unstable because my agp slot is 1.0 compliant while the geforce is made for agp 2.0 (which delivers more power for the card). :(
I was able to play psx games just fine... finished lots of RPGs without lock-ups but recently the lock-ups have become more frequent and I can't play any game for more than 3 minutes... I can play them fine on VGS or using any software plug-ins but they're terrible for 3d games :(
Can anyone suggest me a solution (other than affording a new mb) for this problem?

Best regards,
Omega Cable

PS.: Which is the fastest software plug-in for epsxe?
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You could try underclocking your Geforce a little, although performance will decrease it should theoretically use less power.

Also (And this is for people who know what they are doing) you can look in your bios and see if there is a setting for AGP driving control, if there is manually set it to EA.
I've already tried to underclock the card but it didn't help :(

There's no such option on my BIOS :(((
Sorry to disapoint you, but I can't see another option for you but to upgrade your system or sell you card and buy a PCI one. Believe me, I know how bad it is to have hardware that doesn't fit together, I've used a mobo that didn't liked me a bit for more than a year (there were days i just though about throwing it though the window into the street for a bus to roadkill it, hmmm maybe i'll do that :evil: ). Now I've spend some of my hard earned money and bought a good board and I lived happy forever after that. :)
Hmm... Well I don't think upgrade is the answer. Sounds like a driver problem if it only happens in hardware mode. Do you remember when this started to happen? Maybe when you switched your video drivers? Have you tried any new ones? If all that fails there is nothing like a clean format :). But I doubt you'll have to do that.
I'm gonna do that this week :eek:)

I mean... selling my mobo, not destroying it :)
Good choice! It'll do ya good to have a good mobo. (I think the heart of the computer isn't the cpu(t'is the brain) but the mobo)

PS: Somedays, I look to my old mobo (Asus P3V133, Via Apollo 133) and think what to do with it... :evil:
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