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GeForce 2 Mx overclock...

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Back Again! Okay, anyone could tell me a good program for overclocking my NVIDIA GeForce 2 Mx 100 (shitty, but hey, it was a damn cheap! :) ) and where to get it... how much you can overclock it with two fans?
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Use Coolbits. To bring the hidden menu inside your nVidia display properties. 100%safe.

Just run the .reg file inside the zip file. and ... voala! you got yourself a nVidia Overclock utility for free.
i use the PowerStrip 3.0 - Advanced Display Manager to overclocking my geforce 2 mx 200 64mb its very good.
Thanx guys! My Geforce wasn't Mx-100 Mx-200 but those should work all right!? (Time to take that extra fan from my 486...)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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