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GeForce 2: cons outbalance pros??

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I don't have a Geforce yet and currently am using Voodoo3 2000.
Anyway I heard that Geforce has problems with Direct3D, I can't confirm this is true but if it is some programs and games I brought that is dependant on D3D only and no openGL that means those applications won't run. Games such as FFVII and FFVIII for PC and GeForce is mainly openGL......

One thing for sure is that it will play the games of today as it is the technology of today but I want to play D3D also without any problems. So its either D3D or OpenGL right?? I know GeForce3 has both but it's price is insane.

Your reply would be appreciated.
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GeForce-based cards can handle both D3D and OpenGL fine, but are known to be better with OpenGL..
I use an Elsa Gladiac GEForce 2 GTS w/Pete's OGL GPU vers 1.50 and the results are astounding. Definately get a GEForce card if you can afford it. You won't be disappointed.
ff7 won't run in hardware rendering with a gforce2 but ff8 will.....unless u can find a gforce2 patch for ff7 u'll have to play it in software rendering, but ff8 runs fine in D3D hardware rendering with gforce2's.
I own both ff7 and 8 pc versions
EIDOS has a patch out at thier website so FFII will work with hardware excelleration just fine. I have it and love it!
Well in my case I got FF7PC running on a Geforce2 MX with hardware acceleration without having to patch the game under Win 2k sp2 .

The only annoying thing is that you need to install the compatibility update and set it to use the win 95 layer... oh and it always crashes when you enter the chocobo racing section damn!
Well I have another question. I have the following games, WHICH would work WITHOUT patches and which must have patches?
These are popular ones so I assume some of you might have it and reply. I'm using win98. (didn't like win2k) And can you post the urls where you found the patches for Geforce 2MX video cards?

Duke Nukem 3d atomic
Duke Nukem 3d regular
(I know it's an old game but people make these amazing total conversions for it that make it like a whole new game.)
Diablo I & II
Warcraft battle net edition
Independence Day
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Znes emulators and Final Fantasy games
Nesticle Nes emulator and FF I-III
Command and Conquer: (original I&2, red alert I&2)

I posted ALL these games that I currently have (in case you ask). Some are old but thats my personal buisness. One thing I'm not sure of is HOW WELL does it run D3D games?? FF7 is running pretty fast on my voodoo3 but will it slow down in opengl video card? I'm just thinking before getting Geforce 2 MX.
btw is 3dfx REALLY gone?? (they did well in the past though, did someone in the company make a BIG mistake??)
your reply would be appreciated.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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