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A new build of Gebea (Gameboy Advance Emulator) has been released today. Here is the changes for Release 9.

CPU: Fixed some dataproc instructions writing to r15
CPU: Fixed LSR#32 and ASR#32
CPU: Fixed r15 for dataproc instructions with register-specified shift
CPU: Fixed flags for long multiplies
CPU: Fixed the carry flag for logical operations with zero-amount immediate shifts
CPU: SWI now also works in ARM mode
GPU: Added support for text BGs larger than 256x256
GPU: Added correct mapping of OBJ data for both 1D and 2D mode
GPU: Added OBJ rotation and scaling
GPU: Fixed scrolling for 16x16 color BGs
GPU: OBJs are now rendered in reverse order (OAM entry 0 is drawn last)

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