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Rounding up the news for today is Gebea Release 8. Here are the version changes:
  • CPU: Now switching to ARM mode before calling the System ROM IRQ handler
  • CPU: Fixed carry input for SBC/RSC instructions
  • CPU: Fixed a few LDRH/STRH instructions and added some missing ones
  • CPU: Fixed Thumb LSR/ASR
  • CPU: Fixed Thumb ADD SP,#imm
  • CPU: Added SWI (only a few functions are supported)
  • GPU: Added rotation/scaling on BGs in mode 1 and 2
  • GPU: Fixed BG2 rotation/scaling in mode 4 and 5
  • GPU: Fixed some color errors when the OpenGL renderer is used
  • MMU: Added support for DMA on hblank/vblank
  • MMU: The DMA enable flag is now reset after non-repeating transfers
  • MMU: All keys are now emulated (D-pad, start, select, A, B, L, R)
» Source : <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">NightWing</A>

» Download Gebea Release 8 <A HREF="">here</A>
» Gebea <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</A>
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