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Here are the changes. Note that the source code is now available for download and that the emulator does not play commercial games.

CPU: General speed improvements by relocation of jump tables
GPU: Fixed a bug in the OBJ rendering code that could cause random crashes
GPU: Fixed rendering of 16x16 color BGs
GPU: Added BG2 rotation and scaling in mode 4
GPU: Added color effects (alpha blend, luma add/sub) for text BGs
GPU: The emulator will check for MMX support, which is required. SSE2 will be used if available
MMU: Added the system ROM area (0000-3FFF)
MMU: Added mirroring of some memory areas
ALL: Added interrupt support (vblank, hblank and key interrupts are emulated). Writes to IF are not properly handled at the moment
ALL: Released the source code of the emulator
Visit the home page here
Grab the latest binary and source here
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