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This farely recent GBA emulator is now up to its 10th release. Here is the changelog.

CPU: Fixed some barrel shifter special cases in both ARM and Thumb mode
GPU: Fixed some BG/OBJ tile flipping issues
GPU: Added clipping of rotoscaled OBJs
GPU: Fixed a bug in the BG layer sorting
GPU: Fixed a few IRQ-related bugs
GPU: Fixed transparencies for 16x16 color BGs
GPU: Fixed rendering of left-most tile for text BGs
MMU: Added support for timer interrupts and cascading timers
MMU: Added support for DMA interrupts
MMU: Added support for fixed address DMA
MMU: Writes to the interrupt request flag register should now work properly
MMU: Fixed 32-bit reads from the key input register
GUI: Layer enabling/disabling in the GPU settings dialogue now work correctly
GUI: Added support for zipped roms
Grab the latest release at Gebea's Homepage
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