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Gears of War - Video Shots.

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Just watched a trailer for the game, modelling is sweet, concept for the game is the usual stuff...blah gonna beat blah up, or end of civilisation...blah, the trailer really lacks pace or 'thrill' factor.

Graphics look good, but I was a tad disappointed esp with all the 'hype' surrounding this game. The gun fire, and explosions look rather second rate....really lacking atmosphere, depth, or even making a significant impact on the surrounding enviroment, apart from the bloom effect and the explosion throwing out light, the gun fire looked 'tacked on' to the scene....

You can get the trailer yourself from: (thanks to Kekko for pointing it out to me)

Anyhow, took some captures from the wmv, which you must agree are very pretty indeed (but frankly, PS3 still owning, it's got nvidia behind it (unreal engine + nvidia = sexy), and blue-ray atleast should be able to store some FECKING nice textures, some of those shots look shody (images 12,13) :
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I'm really looking forward to this game. I saw few E3 wmvs and i thought this game was Xbox 360 exclusive.
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