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[GC] Super Robot Taisen GC minor sound issue

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hi guys. nice for you to finally have the build 3972 for this emulator. i haven't tested it yet for my wii games though but im sure they'll run great on my pc.

Super Robot Taisen GC (Super Robot Wars GC) for the GC runs fine and very smooth on my machine, no framerate drop or anything, however they are still some minor sound issues regarding the game during in-game battle stages stuttering or music (BGM) and voice-overs can't be heard at all. SFXs are fine in all aspects though just to give you a heads up just in case you guys release the next build. Btw, no framerate drops at all during gameplay. :)

Tested some settings with this. Seems the BGM and voice-overs play when in Dual Core is enabled but stutters the whole sound, no framerate drop as well.

im guessing it has something to do with framerate limit or just the DSP plugin. (Im using the HLE plugin, doesn't play when its set to LLE though)

thanks so much guys! :thumb:

essential plugins used for gameplay:

GFX: Dolphin OpenGL Plugin
DSP: Dolphin DSP-HLE Plugin
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Finally have 3972? the newest revision is 4350
Its 4361 now. Dolphin gets updated all the time.
The DSP still has some bugs
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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