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GC-GBA Software Rom Dumping

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This is a question which has been plaguing me for a few months, so I've finally decided to inquire about it.

For those not aware, F2A and other such products are used for dumping/uploading roms to the GBA. It basically functions by having a blank cartridge/game in the GBA, you connect the GBA to your computer via a cord, then the computer uploads the dumping program into the memory of the GBA and it performs the desired task.

Now to my problem, its common knowledge that there are various GC games that have their own little GBA games embedded into the game that will upload to a GBA when connected. I've been trying to figure out a technique to save these to my computer, however I can only have one program running on the GBA at one time, which means I can't have the dumping program and the GC-GBA game running at the same time... which ultimately leaves me unable to dump them.

Does anyone know a technique, maybe involving a 2nd gameboy (I have 3, so its an option), that I could use to dump the GC-GBA games?
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This is a shakey topic to be discussing here should know that by now
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