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Let's talk about news variety today: Two GBA news items occoured today, and as both are more or less minor, let's merge them into one post.

<b>New vBoy translation</b>
Another day, and another translation for the new Visual Boy Advance version appeared over at their <a hreF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</a> ! This time, Forgotten added a translation for traditional chinese. You can get that one, along with all the other released ones, from the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">vBoy homepage</a>.

<b>New GBA dats</b>
Already two days old but still worth being mentioned is the latest <a href="" TARGET="_blank">GBA dat update</a>. 8 more roms have been added, getting the list up to 179 roms. If you're into collecting these, make sure to get the latest update from the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">GBA dat homepage</a>.
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