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GBA is great!

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I just thought I'd tell you how great GBA is, I am very pleased with it, thought at times a little back-light would be helpful (go buy a damn light if you have to) over all it's really great.
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Asz, have you played Love Hina Advance? :) You'd better, coz im sure you're gonna like it. :)
how much is a GBA? does anybody know? if you want to give me one, please e-mail me...!! nyahaha:evil:
why buy one when there's emus for that? :p
Yeah, i guess so. Perfect for those November 1 boring-as-hell picnics in the cemetery. :eyes:
Looks like they're $100. Dunno how long it will be to a price drop. Probably won't be until Nintendo releases an actually lit GBA.
Love Hina Adavance?! I thought there were only GBC games! advance...... :dead:
wanna see some screenies? Enigma posted some at the GBA screenshots section. :) i tried it out last night....had to pry myself from the computer. :p
Too bad the LH games are mainly text based. :( But i'll play it anyway.

P.S. - Wow, LH Advance looks great! Just as a GBA game should.
trust me Asz, you havent seen the better part yet.

...but it's much more enhjoyable if we ACTUALLY know what they're saying. :p but some LH fans over at GameFAQS are working on a translation now. :) I guess ill just have to wait til then.
> some LH fans over at GameFAQS are working on a translation now.

Like that's a surprise...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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