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GBA Emu for PSP

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The cicle have been complete :evil:
Blah that site doesn't even link where the file comes from .. and even used wraggster screenshot without credit :p

*english info provided by ARS

The initial release of this Gameboy Advance emulator for the PSP based on Viaual Boy Advance. Here is some information provided by ARS.

Simple tanslation:
It's VBA's ported to PSP...The work is hard-_-b.
It's graph is done,but still a lot of bugs.
No sound.No save,either.
Please rename the romfile "rom.gba" and put it in the same folder of EBOOT.PBP.Otherwise it won't work

×=B;○=A;The other keys are all right...

The size of romfile must be under 16MB...
And PSP may hung up when loading romfile is failed or emulator is initializeng,please be careful after all.
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I want a psp more and more, I'm sure in a couple of months most of the problems will be fix..
do you know if there's someone working on a GB/GBC emulator for the PSP? or if this emus also ca run GB/GBC games???
There is a GB\GBC emu fully operational called RIN check it out at

In other news a new GB Advance emulator was released for the PSP complete with a file selector and a higher compatibility, altough there isn't much improvement speed wise, it is always good to see that people care about the system
Thanks for the new, is good to know about it.
I love this system!!!
up till now it's only worth as multi emulating system... nothing more, maybe after GTA will be released I'll think about it :innocent:
KanedA said:
up till now it's only worth as multi emulating system... nothing more, maybe after GTA will be released I'll think about it :innocent:
I would not worry about future games beeing bad, every system gets mediocre games at the beguining and psp acually has got some gems, like Lumines, Wipeout Pure and Burnout Legends but the emulation is the best thing so far i've been playing Star Ocean on the Snes9x TYL 0.2c emulator and it runs greatly.
since I'm alot into fighting games, and PSP has high ability to get damaged because of them (and there are almost no such games)... soo... :evil: I'll wait for some time (I dunno what 3 days ago almost made me to buy it :p)
Dont forget people that to run homebrew on PSP (emus etc) you need a old verison of the firmware. I heard about Loaders which run on 2.00 using some expolit and a downgrdaer, but to play games like GTA in the future Sony will probobliy require firmware 2.50 as this one is the most "homebrew-free" verison recently released.

KanedA said:
since I'm alot into fighting games
I heard that Tekken and Virtua Figther coming to PSP next year.
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