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Sorry for this "looks-like-clueless" post, but I'm stuck in a thought: in GBA you are able to play GB games, right? The cartriges match in physics and system (Though GBA carts are far more advanced, of course). But when it comes to emulation, most of GBA emulators don't allow GB games to be played, either because of no compatibility or system differences. If a GBA emulator is to emulate every aspect of the console, why most of them just cannot run simple GB games in addition to the GBA ones? I think the only emulator capable of doing such is VisualBoyAdvance.
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That's cuz GBA emu's do not 'emulate' gba games the same way a GBA does. If an emu runs games just like the real thing then it will request a bios file as a mandatory addition, which of course is illegal. VBA does not run GBA games like a real gba would (after all a real gba does not have all those spiffy gfx filters) and VB does not run GB games like a GB would. All forgotten did was take what he had for his VB core and integrate it into VBA thus allowing boths systems to work off of 1 emu.

*note to people smarter then me* At least I think that's what the differance is, I don't code these things, I just put um through hell and consistantly bug the authors so I might (read most likley am) wrong.
the cartridges are different. theres a voltage difference, where gb is 5v and gba are 3.8 iirc..
if you had a gba you could look and see that the cartridges are physically different also (im not referring to just the size). theres a switch which is only activated with gb/gbc carts -- the gba carts have a notch that doesnt hit it. there is also a gbc chip incorporated into the gba. so the gba actually switches to a gbc mode when this switch is hit.. its all hardware regulated, nothing to do with the gba architecture itself..
Ah, so there's a switch there to change between systems... hmm, that's more than clear now. As I don't have a GBA (I have glanced at it in my hands, but I didn't notice everthing about it physically), I couldn't tell. I just read it all the time that it actually runs GB and GBC games, so I thought.

That was my guess... I mean, this emu's system is not a single code for both consoles. Forgotten took separately the code for GBA and GB, and then put it together in only one emu, just like a multiple emu system. At least THIS guess was right (I think).
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