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i tried this game on epsxe but i cant get it to work with 3d hardware plugin it shows black screen and with a software plugin it only showed the intro
anyone know if it works and with what plugins?

It works, runs full speed, and looks gorgeous using FSAA. To get past the black screen or the intro, try pressing F4. That is what I have to do to get it going. I use Pete's OGL plugin 1.50, Pete's CD rom plugin vers. 1.5 w/async read on and speed limited to 2x, and I've been using Pete's Midas SPU vers. 1.7. This one gives fairly good sound, but I'm going to try out his new direct sound driver 1.8. I get excellent results w/these plugins. The game runs at a steady 60 FPS and IMHO looks better than the DC version and the original Arcade version.
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