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Gantz [SLPM 65950] (J)

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Beta Date: 21.07.05 (actually any beta)
Conditions tested under:

Crashes after loading custom IOP module:

loadmodule: fname cdrom0:\IOP\SLPICORE.IRX;1 args 30 arg USE_HOST
SlpiCore Boot Param [1] : USE_HOST
SlpiCore Boot Param [2] : USE_DVD
SlpiCore Boot Param [3] : HEAPSIZE=768
PS2 Library Core Ver 1.2 (C)KCE Japan EAST
IOP Heap Size = 0xC0000

intrman RegisterIntrHandler (2e724): intr INT_CDROM, handler 26a70
intrman RegisterIntrHandler (2e724): intr INT_dmaCD, handler 289d0
intrman RegisterIntrHandler (8b3cc): intr INT_dmaSPU, handler 8931c
intrman RegisterIntrHandler (8b3cc): intr INT_dmaSPU2, handler 8931c
intrman RegisterIntrHandler (8b3cc): intr INT_SPU, handler 8ab50
intrman RegisterIntrHandler (92b0): intr INT_RTC4, handler 8ca8
sifcmd sceSifRegisterRpc (8e59c): rpc_id 534c50
loadmodule: id 32, ret 2

If run thru IDA it crashes at PC:004ADF16, allegedly somewhere in PsxInterpreter.c

004ADD73 mov [esp+0Ch+var_C], offset aPsxUnimplement ; "psx: Unimplemented op %x\n"
004ADF16 mov edx, [ecx+eax]
004AE402 mov dword ptr [esp], offset aDTarget0xX0xXC ; "[%d] target 0x%x >= 0x%x (CycleT); coun"...

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Beta Date: 04.08.05 (refraction)
Conditions tested under:

Right from the start it sets:
ErrorEPC=jal SetNextComp in cbTimerHandler

Loads a few sectors more than earlier betas.
I made a blockdump

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