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Gaming touching moments ala cloudvii's style (Contains huge spoilers)

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Well since the end of eighties , Games had a unique forward step in story development . They changed from just simple platforms with no story other than some low detailed events ranging from the most simple : "You should go to that door at the end" , to the richest scenario : "Save the princess" :p

Games began to have some better objects , and sequences . And beside the main hero , many supporting characters began to appear , leading to some bigger advanced stories . Maybe Dragon quest was the first to introduce that (Don't blame my weak memory) . Followed by Final Fantasy and Zelda . But away from RPGs , Other genres began to develop aswell .

By time , 90's had made their first years , and every thing had changed . In order to make a good game , you should make a good story . And therefore the story element or factor began to be very important and became side by side with game play and GFX elements . All genres (At least most) had a story running in a way or another , fighters , RPG's , Beat'em ups and even Vl/Hl shoot'em ups :)

Well , it wasn't untill 1997 so that games reach their full potential and that was due to the arrival of "Final Fantasy VII" . What was unique in FF7 , was that away from that it's story was magnificent , they directed the scenes in a perfect way . To the limit you were reacting with the characters expressions , from Barret's swearing and Tifa's love , to Cloud's pain and Sephiroth's madness . Every little detail in the game was there for a purpose and not just adding more and more useless sides .

And so the games stories were supposed to follow the tradition incase they want to sell . This thread is about the touching moments in games stories . When you were united with the game atmosphere to your full . And consider that the characters are real , happy when they're happy and vice versa .

1) Samurai Showdown : (Love)

Who doesn't know Ukyo ? One of the best designs SNK made . With his unmatched sword skills , and friendly attitude , he became one of the best swordsmen in Japan . Tachibana Ukyo , was in love with a woman called Kei . He loved her so much , that he wanted to make her the happiest woman ever . He wanted to mary her but he was already suffering from a dangerous disease in his lungs , he coughed blood most of the time .

No matter how dangerous , he determined him self to get the perfect flower for her . Sorrowly after all the dangers he had crossed he found a flower , but it wasn't the perfect flower . So he made another trip for it again .

But because of his sickness , Kei was married to another man , leaving Ukyo in pain . A pain greater than what his sickness ever gave him . And he praised their marriage . But Ukyo didn't surrender , he determined him self once again to protect her under all circumstances even if she won't be for him again . He once rescued her son , and he was slowly becoming her angelic bodyguard .

Ukyo finally loved another girl called Osaki , who looked much like his old love Kei . Unfortunatly , she was suffering from the same disease he had . She was in a late stage as well . Ukyo , fearing to lose Osaki as he lost Kei , he goes in another journey to find her a cure and save her , although his sickness was getting worse .

At the end , Ukyo was able to find the cure , but it was for one person only . So he asked Haohmaru (Rival and friend) to give Osaki the cure . And then he died . Osaki was rescued but at the cost of Ukyo's death , who was happy with his sacrifice .

Side note : Now that was sad , to say the least .

2) Chrono Trigger : (Friendship and Judgement)

Chrono trigger was full of touching moments , but I'll get into two of the main points .

a) Crono , the main hero of the game was a brave non-talkative character . He was the one with the most share of feelings , yet he was never allowing himself to talk about it .

During his fight with Lavos , he and all his friends were defeated badly , and it was Crono , who should do something to save his friends . I guess he remembered Janus words : " The black wind howls... One among you will shortly perish, " . "He said one will perish , so maybe it was me" , crono knows what he should do now . He gives Lavos the last blow , with all his energy . Crono sacrificed his life to save the others . He knew it's better than they all die together .

Marle , Lucca and the others wanted to save Crono but he was already dead , what can you do to save a dead man . Though , they were able to know a way which may fail and may succeed .

After reaching the death peak they were able to rescue crono from his fate . Crono is there again , he says nothing . He has already seen much , did he really die ? He can't tell now , but he now knows that he made the right thing when he sacrificed him self to save his friends .

Side note : I know he wasn't mute , but why didn't he say anything but little during the game ?

b) Magus or janus , one of the complicated lives . He was raised in Zeal's palace 12000 year BC , as a heavy load . Since the palace residents were all magic users , he wasn't able to use it . Schala , -his sister- was a good magic user though , if not the best in Zeal's kingdom . His mother Zeal went insane after his father's death , and was probably controlled by Lavos . Janus as a child had no friends but his sister and his cat Alfador , he and his cat were together all the time .

The day has come , Zeal was preparing every thing for that day , Lavos will be summoned and she'd rule every thing (Or that what she's thought) . Schala's powers were used by force , and Lavos was summoned . But something went wrong and Janus was warped in time to 600 AD , without his sister . He then grew up in the mystic's village and during that time , he discovered his Dark magic ultimate abilities .

Although he became the leader of the mystics and he changed his name to Magus , he wanted to get his revenge from Lavos . So he tried to gather all world's power to summon Lavos from his sleep .

He declared war on other countries and due to his power , no one could stand against him and live . Cyrus , -the greatest of Guradia's knights- made a journey to get the Masamune , the greatest sword to defeat Magus . He accompanied Glenn , a soldier and considered to be his student with him .

The Sin :
Sure Cyrus was a good fighter , but Magus was extremly strong . Even with the Masamune , he wasn't able to weaken Magus . In a sudden action , Magus was able to break the Masamune into two halves . Now Cyrus became an easy target to Magus . Magus tortured Cyrus first .
" The Queen. Take care... of... Leene......"" Cyrus cried , asking Glenn to save his life .

Glenn refuses to escape , he decides to fight Magus , but he was quickly defeated . Magus didn't kill Glenn , Magus reached the maximum arrogance in any soul . He transformed Glen to a frog . Glen fell of the hill and when he woke up it was all clear , but the result stayed , Cyrus died and he became a frog . This point reformed Glenn's life afterwards .

"Mine name is Glenn! Cyrus's hopes and dreams... And now the Masamune... Forthwith I shall slay Magus and restore honor!"

After 10 years (iirc) , Frog and the others went to stop Magus .

They were able to fix the Masamune . Frog was on his way to get his revenge . When they reached Magus at last , he was about to summon Lavos in his temple .

Magus: Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...

Magus: Now the chosen time has come...

Magus: Exchange this world for...!

Then they reach him .

Frog: Magus!

Magus notices them .

Magus: I, it's that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?

Frog: I rather enjoy my form and I oweth it all to you! And I have something for you!

Magus: Ah... The Masamune! I bet you're just dying to use it!

Magus: The black wind begins to blow...

Magus: Ok, give me your best shot... If you're prepared for the void!

Magus's weak point is his arrogance , unbelivably he was defeated this time . But it was too late , Lavos was being summoned and the temple was being destroyed . There was no way Magus was going to be able to fight Lavos in this condition . But the miracle happened .

Magus was rewarped in time , but this time it was to his origin time , 12000 BC . He didn't believe it , after all that time , he was able to see his world again , his sister Schala too . And he found Janus , the child Magus .

Magus thought it was destined . This time he can stop Lavos before anything happens . He disguised as a prophet and introduced himself to the queen , he became trusted in no time , as he knew things before it could happen .

But something which threatened his mission happened , Crono and the others reached the same time . And then he forced Schala to seal them back to their time , afraid that his mission would fail again . The time has come again , every thing is repeating as a recorded cycle . He just waits Zeal to summon Lavos , then he'd defeat it .

Crono and friends were in time again , Magus left them to fight Lavos anyway . But they were defeated badly . The prophet removed the cape and announced his true identity . He raises his weapon .

" I survived the darkness to defeat you Lavos! "

And then he puts it all in one blow ........

Nothing happens , he saw all his life wasted . Lavos easily defeated him as well .

After Crono's sacrifice , Schala take Magus and the others away from the place which is going down , with her last bit of energy she was able to save them but not her self .

Magus is saved , he looks at the ocean from the high hill . He thinks of
his life at a whole . He couldn't stop Lavos from destroying his world , he couldn't save his sister and he became evil while trying to accomplish his goals .

Then Frog and the others reach him . But he no longer cares about it .

Magus: You wish to fight me?

Side note : Probably Magus deserves to die here because of his past sins . But personally I prefer letting him live . If you chose to let him live , he tries to save Schala once more at the end , but he probably failed again as Serge is the one who rescued her in Chrono Cross .So as I've said above , Magus is one of the most complicated characters ever , you never know if he was evil or kind .
3) Final Fantasy VII (Confused Sorrow)

Cloud was a normal guy , a very normal guy like any one in our lives . But he didn't just stand over there because he's normal . He tried to change his life in many directions . Let's see .

When Cloud was just a kid , he was a sad child with no friends at all . He was usually picked on by the other kids . He loved his mother so much , that she marked on his personality alot , he never saw his father . Every day he was isolated more and more . He loved another girl in his small town called Tifa , an innocent little girl with a pure soul .

One day Tifa's mother died , and she wanted to go across the mountains to see if her mother's soul was behind them . All kids left Tifa during her trip except Cloud , who was there for her till the end . They fell and Tifa lost consciousness . Tifa's father blamed Cloud for that accident .

Direction 1:
Cloud was sick of the place , he wanted to change his future . He asked Tifa to meet him night at the well . When they meet , he told her about his plans . He wanted to join Soldier and to become as great as the legendary Sephiroth . She kinda got amazed by the idea , and asked him to promise her something .

"Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me."
And Cloud promises her .

But at soldier , he failed to reach First Rank and became a regular one . He knew Sephiroth though , and he found a friend "Zack" . Then one day , they were sent in a mission at Cloud's home town . Cloud was afraid that Tifa might know he couldn't reach first rank . So he put on his armor cape to hide his face .

Tifa knew Soldiers were coming to the town , so she waited for Cloud .
And when they came she couldn't find him , she was sad and Cloud too . Cloud didn't know much about what did Sephiroth discover about his origins but Zack later told him .

When Sephiroth lost control , he destroyed the town and murdered any one who stood on his way . Zack and Cloud tried to save the ppl from the burned houses . Cloud went to save his mother , but .... she was already dead . His only support in life died and he couldn't save her . If he knew earlier . If he knew she was going to die , he'd have stayed with her more , he'd have thanked her for what she've done . He'd have told her that he loved her .
But it was over , she died . And Cloud went out of the house . He saw him ... Surrounded by flames he was looking towards Cloud and then he continued his way .

Cloud went after him towards the Mako Reactor where Sephiroth thought his mother was trapped in . Sephiroth has already killed the last one on his way , Tifa's father . Tifa held all her energy and took Sephiroth's sword out of her father's dead body and she tried to kill Sephiroth herself . Sephiroth , is no doubt was the victoire . Zack tried to stop Sephiroth aswell , but shared the same fate as Tifa .

Then Cloud appeared , he saw what happened . Cloud Took Zack's sword and went to fight Sephiroth . While Sepiroth was getting Jenova out Cloud was just behind him . They faced each other .

"What about my sadness? My family... friends? The sadness of having my hometown taken away from me!? Sephiroth... I trusted you! No, you are not the Sephiroth I used to know! ... Mom... Tifa... my town... give it back!! I had so much respect for you... I admired you!"

Cloud raises Zack's sword and stab Sepiroth succesfully with it a direct hit . Sephiroth fell because of his wound . Cloud then showed his face and went to help Tifa . He came to save Tifa as he promised her . Yet she was too weak to notice he was Cloud , she thought it was a dream . Strangely Sephiroth goes out with Jenova and doesn't even care about Cloud , as he got what he needed . Zack tells Cloud to stop Sephiroth now , as Zack can't even stand up .

Direction 2:
So Cloud faces Sephiroth again . This time Sephiroth was prepared . Sephiroth stabbed his long sword in to Cloud . No one can live after such a hit , the sword breaked through Cloud's stomach and back .
At at a time Cloud would say once : "Strength without determination means nothing... And determination without strength is equally useless...!"
Maybe he meant this situation .
Cloud hanged in air and with the sword in him , he raised Sephiroth who was surprised and through him with his sword down the high bridge .

Cloud and Zack were taken into a secret expirement by Hojo to make Sephiroth clones . Cloud as a weak normal guy was completely lost . But Zack was still able to think wisely , so he helped Cloud escape from there .

Direction 3 :
After they reach Midgrad the capital , they were shoot and Zack dies . Cloud took Zack's custom and his sword , and he enters Midgard . Soon he meets Tifa which have changed alot since last time . He tells her he quit soldier . She asks him to join a rebelios gang under the name Avalanche .

After finishing some missions , Cloud is lost and falls in a church , where he meets Aeris . Aeris knew there was something about Cloud , something he was hiding . Aeris guided Cloud during his journey towards what's right , even when he was controlled by evil Sephiroth or Jenova .

From time to time , Cloud's got confused and never knew what was right and what was wrong and he was lost . He never knew if he was mad or the rest of ppl are . He didn't knew that he was controlled by Sephiroth and Jenova but only too late . He didn't even remembered he defeated Sephiroth .
"I challenged Sephiroth and lived. Why didn't he kill me?"

He was ordered to dilever Sephiroth the black materia . He couldn't realise that . After a long way , he found the missing Aeris in the ancient's city , praying for Holy . He was recontrolled by Sephiroth and was about to kill her , when at the end he regained his mind . Sephiroth descended and killed the surrendering prayer . She died with no pain . Cloud felt the pain instead of her , he carried her body . He remembers her last words she've told him in his dream .
Aeris : "Then I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over."
He holds her tightly . And looks at the insane tall shadow .

Cloud : "You don't understand . She won't smile again"
Sephiroth : "Ha, ha, ha...... Stop acting as if you were sad. There's no need to act as though you're angry either. Because, Cloud. You are..."

Aeris died , And Cloud felt guilty for it .

It wasn't untill he later told he was a clone to Sephiroth by Hojo . And that all his memories are fake . He was driven crazy , he had already seen enough . No more trying , he tried alot , he failed alot then why should he try .

Tifa , Cloud's love didn't believe that her memories with Cloud are all lies . She dedicated her self to care for Cloud till he gets up again . But he took forever and never got better . He was transforming to a non-talkative statue more every day .

But fate hid more for Tifa , where she was stuck inside the life stream with Cloud . And saw his true self , he was suffering . But she saw Cloud's true memories and saw that he wasn't a clone and that his life curves were because of her .

"Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel."

"Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me."

"A memory is something that is consciously recalled, right? That's why sometimes, it can be mistaken or wrong. It's different from a memory locked deep within your heart."

Cloud knows every thing now . He now knows many count on him . He completes his journey ....

Sidenote : Well , I was short in time at the end , so I'm not content at all with it . But anyway , let's finish what I want to say , FF7 story is the best story ever created , and i wonder if Square would make something above that level (CT was near though) .

Last thing : I wanted to talk about other things , but I ran out of time really (Imagine how much I took time to write that)

Apology : "You don't understand . She won't smile again" , this quote isn't accurate , but for some reason I wasn't able to remember it correctly , although it's the most beautifull sentence in all FF7 .
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I really enjoyed reading, especially the part about FF7 :)
I share your opinion on it being the best story, but that's a discussion for an other thread :p
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Too much text /me gets scared.
Then why don't you just skip this topic and save us your meaningless whining :???:
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