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Hi there at the moment I have a "Logitech G-13"
that is a gaming pad with Many key's and a smal 5 way joystich (handle with your left thumb.)
It might take some time to get used to the product.
but I forced my self to do that.
it is realy good to use if you are playing mmo and I am sure you can use it to many other thing's.
but you will be addicted of the product. :)

I also have a Razer Naga (mouse) that have 12 button on your thumb.
Im not that hardcore user if all the buttons when I already have the G-13
but I like the 5600dpi and the shape of the mouse.

New: there are a new "Razer Naga Epic" mouse out now to it is wireless.
You can change the collor on the "Epic".
You can change the Shape were you have the battery inserted.
You can use a wire that you connect with micro usb (i think it is micro usb) if you ran out of power.
(personaly I dont like wireless, After I hade a cordless keyboard mouse from logitech 10 years ago. but I heared that the Senor is realy good now this days. but I still dont like that I have to charge it upp if the battery ran flat.)
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