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GameTap Play any game any time.....

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Turner Broadcasting is launching a service which will allow users to download games from previous consoles and play them on the computer. The service will also include PC Games, Arcade games and more. Though it comes at a price of $14.95 /month. Full article .

I found this one part real interesting
though due to the difficulty in emulating games powered solely by discreet circuitry, it will instead be an accurate simulation of the original, rather than a pure emulation.
....Are they going to be using the open source emulators to make $$ for themselves while denying that they are "emulating" the consoles? :nono:

On the other hand i dont see why anyone would pay that kind of money for games that can be simply found all over the net...
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Blah! Who needs Gametap when you can play LAN with Blood,SW,Duke and ******* rampage or use IC... or even dukesterX?.. or even the upcoming OpenGLSW which will feature netplay eh?

I'm too greedy to buy anything that has monthly fees so I'll pretty much forget about it.
Are they crazy or what?
Do they think they would get any money out of this?
they are targeting stupid people for sure. 14.95 dollar/month? kiss my ass!6
Bit of a revive? I'm not sure because it was still on page 1.

Has anyone seen the SuperJoy? Its a console I see trying to be sold through talk shows a lot recently. The case looks exactly like a Nintendo 64, and it comes preloaded with about 1000 retro games. What annoys me most is that the company is saying something like this, "Most regular games cost $100, but we are selling this console prebundled for $120 with 1000 games! Thats way better value (not)". They completely ignore the difference of quality between recent and retro.
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