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Before I explain my problem..yes i've used the search button...

I used this place for my codes by the way

I went to cheats..cheats list..gameshark..typed in a random description..pasted the code master code
along with the pokemon code I wanted

It accepts it but it doesn't work. I tried this by separating it into 8 digits apart, and also the last 4. Can someone help me please?

Edit additional notes..Its either the code doesn't work or it just resets my game.

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I got some codes for MK Deadly Alliance and MK Tournament Edition ,which i play on Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 beta 3 .
I have (U) versions for both and i tried both gameshark and codebreaker codes found on their home sites but they didn't work .
How exactly do you input them ?
Do i need to write something in the description tab or just the codes ?
Does it matter which region is the game or codes work for all regions?
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