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gameshark codes

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Is this the right way to input the code (epsxe)?
example, the code
800704AA 0049
I put 800704AA on address and 0049 on value right?
Oh, and will it work if i input the code in the middle of tha game or must I do it before i start the game (4 FF8 debug room)
PS-the image is how i ususlay put the code.
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Um...the "cheats" in ePSXe are not actual game cheats, they're workarounds for specific games to play (like Chrono Cross, etc.). What you want is a program that can do cheats. I'd suggest pec by JNS at
I think aldo's ( pec editor has an option to export codes to cheat file (or something like that) then the cheat file works in epsxe if you open the exported file. Maybe
umm, no
as ryos stated, the cheat thing in epsxe is specifically made for those workarounds.
aldos plugin is for pec, which you need if you want to use gameshark codes

.cht's main purpose is to be 'hotfixes', so the authors can sometimes fix a game, without releasing a new binary.
try using pec the plugin
it works fine with me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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