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Ok so i have learnt a lesson about watching TV and playing in the old VBA at the same time and wondering if anyone can help :p

Right so i was playing Pokemon Leafgreen and had all 8 badges and got bored (couldnt be bother with the elite four at that moment). So i decided to play around with some gameshark cheats.

I saved my game and then entered 2 codes, they worked. I entered a third and my screen went black.

So i went to reload my saved game and yep you guessed it i pressed 'save' instead of 'load' :rolleyes:

Ok, so now im stuck with a black can see it if you like...but it is just black...the sound was working fine...but now i seem to have a seperate problem with my laptops sound (thats a fun job for tomorrow)

I have possesion anxiety syndrome which means that when i do things like this is really upsets me :cry: (that said i seem to do things like this rather a lot....)

Ok so I have learnt my lesson, but I would really like to be able to continue playing my game....

Can anyone help? Or tell me what to do? I have tried everything i can think of and nothing is working. Is there anyway of like going back a save or is the save completly overwritting?

Thanks for your help, and sorry if this shouldnt be here.

Im going for a rootle around the forum :D and would love some help!
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