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Games with shock animations o_O

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I'm curious as to what all games have these animations, as I've been trying to find them all. This is all that I know of off the top of my head:

Final Fight 2 & 3
Streets of Rage series
King of Monsters
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Darkstalkers series
Street Fighter series (majority of them)
Super Gem Fighter
Some Sailor Moon fighting game

I know there's a LOT more, but I can't think of them for the life of me. Anyone care to try and help with this? x_x
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Dragon Ball Z Super Buthoden
Dragon Ball Z Super Buthoden 2
Dragon Ball Z Super Buthoden 3
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22
Dragon Ball Z Legends

my momentairy additions.
That's something kinda hard to do.

There are a lot I think.

Some fps have shock guns.
Ratchet and Clank series.

Care to tell us why?
I'm trying to gather sprites from all of these games (or the majority of them) for a gallery (I've already done this with some other animations, mostly Midnight Bliss right now, but that one is easy since it only appeared in 3 games, excluding MUGEN), that is all ^^;
A lot of RPG's and the lightning spells in them? ...Do they apply? I'm not sure if I get the question right...
garou mark of the wolf
waku waku 7
king of fighter series
power instinct series
rage of dragon
capcom vs snk

btw its easier if u find at mugen community though
Oblivion and Morrowind have. Not sure about the older ones.
For those confused about shock animations, I'm referring to those like in Darkstalkers, Street Fighter and them.....basically, those like so:

And yes, that came straight from my gallery (I have several for MUGEN as well, some made by my own shock spriter).

Though I will say that these have died out almost completely in the last few years. D:
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So basically any game that showsw people being electrocuted?

Does it need to have an animation in which bones show or not?
That would be nice, but if you want to do still frames or whatever, that'd be nice too.
You want sprite based games? Or 3d games?

Every single Mega Man and Megaman X game is full of shock animation for yourself and for foes
Either or will work. I might have to try and look through these games to sprite capture them, but some I doubt I'll be able to sprite capture or rip ^^;

I know there was some Castlevania games that did that....but not sure which ones exactly x_x
dawn of sorrow
order ecclesia

but only lighting effect not shocked people
Captain Commando
Oh right. Just remembered that Battletoads & Double Dragons had them (though not that good) and BlazBlue (though those are just downright awful lol) x_x
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