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Games with a region changer selector patch.

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Can you play the games with a region changer selector patch , my joypad wont allow the input for O=Pal ,X=ntsc.

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i have Star Wars Demolition patched, so i can X=ntsc with it.
however the game crashes with epsxe. it works fine with VGS.

if you press O or X and nothing happens, with epsxe, try pressing F4.
i had no problems with those kind of patches; I patched a few NTSC games to work with PAL, seems to be a lot better with ePSXe. can also help to fix wrong coloured MDEC's

Oh, btw, I have a jap. r-type delta, the NTSC/J>PAL patch (allthough actually not needed afterall) provides a cheat for unlimited 'power blasts'.....chaos!!!! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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