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Games that work

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Does anyone know if Tekken 2 and Fox Sports: NBA Basketball 2000 work with this emulator? I couldn't get either to work earlier tonight. IF so, what settings should I use with each? The Dos window went away too fast for me to see the error.
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I don't think Tekken 2 works on ANY emulator at the moment.

As for the other game, I don't know... maybe someone else on this board has experience on that.

Cheers :D
Well I'm gonna get Tekken 3 tommorow. What settings work best for that? Ehere is that fix people keep taking about, and what does it do?
Tekken 3 doesn't need any special fix/settings... the only thing you might want to do (if you use Pete's Graphics plugin, that is) is to enable "Short DMACHain check" in the special game fixes.... that'll shorten the pause you experience at the end of every round... but other than that, should work like a charm.
I was finally able to pause the Dos screen to see the error it was giving me

EPSX: Opcode [13-4f44213c] in PC [bfc00000] not implemented [00000000:000:0]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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