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I'm thinking,
I bought this, it works but just incomplete.

What gamepad would be the best? (list)

I suspect that works better:

Sorry if I let you see the site,
cause that's the only brand I know
near to my house(in PH) having selling gamepads, and cheap.


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Let's see...
* All of them work fine with in Vista, I suspect you need to find a driver for XP if the gamepad doesn't supply them.
* Try to get the one with Dualshock/Vibration. Needed for some games, like the fishing quest in Persona 4.
* The analogue stick will go bust in about 6-8 months, and that's with light usage.

Any of those are good enough for your first gamepad. None of them will last. I'm saving up for a XB360 controller after screwing the analogue controller for two gamepads already.
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