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I'm thinking,
I bought this, but it doesn't work with dolphin, I mean, does anyone know the correct configuration?

Also, what gamepad do I need, (list).

I suspect it's one of these?

Sorry if I let you see the site,
cause that's the only brand I know
near to my house(in PH) having selling gamepads, and cheap.


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I just got missing keys,
so which one works better? [1st Post has the links]

I'm done,
but just missing keys,
and the D-Pad, the key can't be imported to the configuration.

Which one works better, I posted the links above your post.

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well when i play on dolphin i use joystick that is number 3 in your link. but if you want to play with joystick on dolphin try buying the gamecube joystick because for most games that is best joystick. sry if this didn't help you.
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